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The Name

Thank you for visiting MedianMusic. This web site was established on July 4th - Independence Day - 2002. The name, "MedianMusic", was derived from the Median (latin for middle) nerve, which causes the Opponens pollicis muscle in the hand to contract, giving Humans the ability to oppose the thumb joint. This all-important nerve is what allows musicians (e.g., guitarists) to hold a pick and press a note down on the fretboard. Hence, the name of this website. This also happens to be a major function of the hand that separates Humans from animals (i.e., Apes). In fact, damage to this nerve, resulting in the inability to oppose the thumb, is commonly referred to as "Ape Hand" in the medical community. Median nerve compression is also the culprit in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The Author

Steve Sabz began playing the electric guitar in April of 1988. He formed his first band with a couple of high school friends about two years later. His first guitar hero was George Lynch of the 80's band, Dokken. He also admired other guitarists including Eddie Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Vito Bratta, Jimi Hendrix, Warren DeMartini, and Joe Satriani. Furthermore, Steve derives inspiration from classical composers such as Ludwig Van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Giuseppe Verdi. In July of 1991, Steve picked up the acoustic guitar, and also a couple of years later, formed an acoustic band with a couple of college friends. This was to be the spring board for his first gig, playing in front of audiences totaling a few hundred people in semi-annual college campus talent shows. In addition to more than 18 years of experience, Steve also took various music courses throughout his high school and college career. Currently, Steve plays in a 4-piece progressive rock originals/covers band. Special Thanks!

The Mission

The goal of MedianMusic is to provide its visitors with web-based tools to help every beginner, intermediate, and advanced level musician become an independent artist. You may choose to use this website as a primary learning reference, or in addition to other conventional means of studying music. All downloads were tested across Macintosh and Windows platforms for compatibility.

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