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Introduction: Professionally recorded acoustic drums using coated Remo Ambassador heads on the Snare and Toms and a clear Remo Powerstroke-3 head on the Kick drum. Cymbals are also included. Audition files are low quality MP3 format for faster download. For CD quality WAV format sound files (16 bit, 44100 Hz, stereo recordings), click Download for your free product. After downloading, you can upload these uncompressed files into a compatible music editing software program for use. If you prefer the sound of machine generated drums, go to Machine Drums.


Use these single-hits to construct your own drum patterns in your favorite music editing software (i.e., grid mode in the edit window). Experiment with various EQ, Compression, Reverb, etc. settings to give these raw, unprocessed files a unique sound.

Sound files are named according to microphone placement (i.e., Room, and Drum or Cymbal microphones). Upload both files into your editing software and adjust volumes accordingly. For example, using the "Drum" or "Cymbal" microphone files alone will give you a focused drum or cymbal sound, compared to using the "Room" microphone files which will give you a more wide open drum or cymbal sound. Use both files for a balanced, stereo drum sound.

Drum Loops

Listen to the single-hits above implemented in these stereo drum loops. Create a continuous drum track by copying and pasting the "Beat" loops together. Add the "Fill" loops to compliment your drum pattern where you prefer. Hear these drum loops in Jam Tracks.


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