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Listen to what other visitors have to say about MedianMusic...

  • Kevin from Florida, USA writes (11/15/2003):
"Whatever level guitarist/musician you're at, there is something here for you. I find this site to be a place where a guitarist can constantly improve." Kevin has been playing guitar for 29 years and his guitar hero is Duane Allman.
  • Hanni from Norway writes (2/04/2004):
"Great site! I'm a beginner, and I can't play very well. Unlike other sites, MedianMusic tells everything from the beginning." Hanni's guitar hero is Matt Bellamy from Muse.
  • Jerome from Australia writes (11/02/2004):
"Guitar is a hobby for me and I'm thrilled about this site." Jerome is an animator and has been playing the guitar for 25 years. His guitar heroes include Joe Satriani, Eric Johnson, Larry Carlton, and Russ Freeman.
  • Mark from New Jersey, USA writes (1/15/2005):
"Great site. I love your lessons on Guitar Heroes. This is the stuff I want to learn." Mark's guitar heroes include Vito Bratta, Nuno Bettencourt, George Lynch, and Eddie Van Halen.

Add your feedback. Be sure to include your first name, state/country, guitar hero (or other musical inspiration), and the number of months/years you've been playing in the "comments" text box.

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