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Introduction: Learn the MedianMusic method of memorizing and recalling licks. KeyLicks are written and organized in such a way that allows you to learn various soloing techniques (e.g., bends, pulls, tapping, etc.) and music theory at the same time! For example, notice from the memorization chart below that each lick is named after the particular string that it begins on (e.g., lick in A minor starts on the A string, lick in G major starts on the G string, etc.). The only exception to the rule are licks in the key of C and F (major or minor, natural or sharp). Licks in the key of C begin on the high E string while licks in the key of F begin on the low E string. Also, each lick contains the new accidental (i.e., sharp note) that pertains to that particular key signature and is signified by shaded numbers (C major and A relative minor have no accidentals). For example, the new sharp note in the D major lick is C#, therefore the number that falls on that particular note is shaded blue (shown on the tablature of each individual lick page, not on the chart below). It's as simple as that!

Part 1
Part 2

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