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Introduction: Download (476 K) a FREE metronome! Ideal for practicing your chord changes, scales, and licks in order to achieve dynamics, smoothness, and timing. Practicing with a metronome (originally invented by a German named Johann Nepomuk Maelzel in the early nineteenth century) also prepares you for when you need to record in a studio along with a click track. Includes beat markings from 40 bpm to 208 bpm in individual MP3 files. Simply open the metronome setting you wish to practice with in a loop-playback enabled media player. Select the proper format from the pull-down menu below.

You will need a free QuickTime Player (compatible with both Macintosh and Windows), or any other media player with a loop playback function, to play the MP3 files. You will also need a free Stuffit Expander (Macintosh users) to extract/expand the SIT file once it is downloaded. Windows users can download a free WinZip archive utility to extract ZIP files.


Use an Online Metronome instead!

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