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Introduction: Put your music reading skills to use below. Cavatina (an Italian musical term referring to a melody of simpler form than the aria) is a 2-part classical guitar piece as heard in the movie, The Deer Hunter. Guitar II is played in arpeggio style. Guitar I is the melody and is played separately by another guitarist (or any other melody instrument such as the flute, etc.). Challenge yourself a little more by analyzing the chord structures. If you feel that you need more practice with music notation, download the Speaker MP3 (2.5 MB) and learn it by ear.

Learn the fingerstyle technique.

Cavatina 1

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A-B: First, play from part A in measure 1 to the first ending in measure 51 on page 3. Next, repeat from measure 1 again.

C-D: Then, play until part C at the second ending in measure 25. After that, play from the Al Segno sign in measure 10.

E: Finally, play until measure 12 and skip to the Coda sign on page 4 to finish the piece.

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